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Teresa at her studio in Brooklyn.

Teresa at her studio in Brooklyn.

Photo Credit  Ryan Struck

Photo Credit Ryan Struck

Teresa Escobar is a neon artist originally from Mexico, She moved to New York on May 2012 after dealing with the loss of her father and a breakup that made her go on a deep depression looking to a fresh start. Soon after that, she developed an interest for the city neon signs and discover her attraction to flashy and neon lights. In 2015 Escobar signed up for a neon workshop at “Brooklyn Glass” and she is being learning the glass bending and neon art since, there, she found a way to express herself.

She understands glass as a fragile, manageable and yet powerful but sensual medium. Teresa enjoys the process of how to bring her visions to life based on her emotions. Not having a formal education in Arts makes her feel limited sometimes when bringing her ideas and concepts to glass forms in real life but she embraces that complexion and finds help through photographs, doodles and drawings she makes. 

She creates female breasts that represent women and expresses the variety, uniqueness and beauty of them all. Although boobs are similar, none of the shape and colors are ever the same and she celebrates that.
Her work in neon also tells a story of her own feelings about life and love. Neon is what she uses to express her thoughts and she creates all of her pieces for her very own pleasure and satisfaction.  “My favorite part is when I see the final piece lit up, when I can admire exactly how I envision it, is like a print copy from my mind to the real life, is such an unique and satisfying feeling”

Currently learning the neon art at "Brooklyn Glass". Born in Veracruz, México. Living in Brooklyn, NY. Thanks for checking out my stuff. Se habla español.